What is Power Lead System?

Power Lead System gives one the ability to quickly and easily create, edit, copy and share marketing websites for their business or for their teams.

That includes landing pages, sales pages, webinar/Hangout pages, really, any type of page that you can think of. And as of late 2016 Power Lead System also includes a really excellent professional blogging system that is set up to make it very easy to use even for “tech-dummies”.

Power Lead System Landing Page Creator

The system includes an email auto-responder system which is built to easily integrate with any of the lead-capture pages you create within Power Lead System. One can also easily integrate Aweber or GetResponse into their PLS pages as well.

While there are many templates for pages which promote Power Lead System itself (since most PLS customers are also Affiliates), you are able to create marketing pages for any type of business that you choose, and there are many templates already made for niches such as nutrition, coffee, fitness, etc.

The templates themselves are easy to customize and the backgrounds and graphics can be changed with just a few clicks.

One of the things I have been teaching people for years is that as an affiliate marketers one needs to be able to quickly create new pages on the fly for new campaigns. For example, you may decide to hold a live Hangout our a webinar on a particular topic that night. In just a few minutes you can log in to Power Lead System, select a template, change the background and the headline/text to fit your offer and you’re ready to promote your live webinar!

It gives you the power to adapt your marketing messages to what your business is doing at any given moment.

The hosting is including in the price ($30/mo) and you are not limited as to domains or subdomains. That means you can have UNLIMITED numbers of webpages within your system, all included in the one price.


How Does Power Lead System Compare to its Competitors?

In the niche of Internet Marketing Systems there is a fairly wide array of options.

Some of the most popular “marketing system builders” our there are things such as ClickFunnels, MyLeadSystem Pro, LeadPages and similar such systems.

At the time of this post ClickFunnels is surely the best of the best when it comes to featured and functionality. But with a full-featured price of $299/mo it’s not only a bit pricey for more brand-new marketers, most new network marketers or MLM-type folks, but it has so many features that most of them the average person would never use.

In fact, I have a good friend who owns a specialist medical and natural health clinic who has a full-time marketing person on staff and anything that needs to be done with ClickFunnels, she has a person on staff to handle.

ClickFunnels is awesome, no doubt. It’s just a bit like having a Bugatti when all you need is a Honda Accord.

Power Lead System with it’s $30/mo pricing packs a ton of value in comparison with it’s main competitors. Take LeadPages, for example, at $99/mo.  LeadPages actually has less functionality that Power Lead System for triple the price, though LeadPages has some very cool premium add-ons (which will cost you extra).

Personally I pay $130 per month for dedicated hosting with 1 & 1 (and have for a very long time) for various websites. So considering a $30 monthly price for Power Lead Systems unlimited hosting, which also pays a $20 affiliate commission for each month of service your referrals purchase, that’s a heck of value wouldn’t you say? (Affiliate program requires additional $23.97 monthly reseller/admin fee).

What Do I Like Most About Power Lead System?

That is easy. It’s the Sales Funnel Sharing, hands-down.  In fact, just before I learned that PLS had this feature I was about to spend $1200 on another system that would allow me to create sales funnels, then share those exact funnels with my entire team.

What does Sales Funnel Sharing do?  It allows you to create a full sales funnel, that being a Sales Pages, automated follow-up emails, Lead-Capture Pages, live Hangout pages, etc. (any pages you want to include within the funnel) just click a few links and it gives you a code that you can share with your team. When they plug the code into their member area it duplicates the entire sales funnel for them!

Sales Funnel Duplicator

Do you know how useful that is for the network marketing niche?  See, that niche is absolutely full of people who don’t know the first thing about building websites or sales funnels, but who need help setting up such to move their products.

That is my favorite feature of Power Lead System and in fact I offer a BONUS on a 5-day time limited offer for my new PLS members. You can learn about that in my free report, the “Insider’s Success Report”. Basically, I let my down-line “steal” my proven sales funnels which I already know work (As you can see from some of the screen-shots on this page.)

Is Power Lead System MLM?

Uhhh. Not really.  There is a roll-up aspect to the comp plan, for those who choose to participate as affiliates, but it’s only one “level”. You can learn about the comp plan for affiliates in detail here if you like.

I suppose the best way to explain it in short is that there are many different ways any company can decide to pay out affiliate commissions. Is there an advantage to referring others? Yes, one could make more affiliate commissions from building up a team of sub-affiliates.

Some folks HATE MLM.  I’m not fan of MLM. When someone says “MLM” to me I think of having to sponsor 10,000 people and build a down-line of 100K just to make $3K per month because I’m “only getting $4/mo on my ‘weak leg’….”

Power Lead System has nothing like that, but there is definitely a team-work aspect to it. Now that part I like, though I’m not a fan of “MLM”.

Some other unethical people have been posting about how it’s a “scam” or it’s an “MLM”. They either don’t understand it or they are just trying to get you to join their opportunity.

I saw one the other day which was just slamming Power Lead System and at the end it said, “So you should join me here instead” and the link went to a direct competitor and the only real difference between the two was that the competitor pays a lower percentage of commission and has no roll-ups. That doesn’t make any sense. The product was simply web hosting, with none of the other features mentioned.

You have to really look out for “reviews” these days because some people will say anything just to get you to buy their stuff instead.

What Don’t I Like About Power Lead System

I hate to post any negatives about anything but if I’m going to be 100% honest with you I supposed I’d have to share what I don’t like about it.

Here are the things I can think of:

I do wish the member area was laid out in a way that was a bit more friendly for newbies who are afraid of technical stuff. I think what’s happened is, over the years as they’ve added more and more features they just sort of added a new page and a link to it, rather than integrating everything together in one holistic dashboard, so it’s mainly the navigation that is a bit confusing for people in the beginning.

Once one learns where to find everything it’s not problem but that first 15 minutes can fell a bit overwhelming for the new person, mainly because there ARE so many features to the system. The more it does, the more links and the more navigation you have to do to find everything you see?

What I did was, I create my own site with a sensible series of tutorials, starting with my own Orientation which guides the new person into exactly where everything is, and shows then what they need to worry about now, and what they don’t need to worry about now.  That helps a lot.

The only other thing I can think of that I’m not crazy about is that some of the older page templates do require one to actually click the “SOURCE” button to replace bits of code such as a YouTube video link, in order to edit that aspect of the page. Now, the “how-to” tutorial on each page does show one exactly how to do that and it’s not that tough, and after you’ve done it once it’s a piece of cake, but for brand-new people sometimes that seems bit “scary” to them.

The newer page templates are more straight-forward to edit. But I do wish that they would move to a full drag-n-drop editing system.  Keep in mind though that this is an expensive undertaking and the full drag-n-drop systems like ClickFunnels are significantly more expensive. So, yes, you do “get what you pay for” but considering all the features of Power Lead System for the price I’d say it is the best value of any of it’s competitors.

Other than that I haven’t seen anything that I could complain about regarding the system.

My favorite aspect is that they pay their affiliates one time, every time. They have never missed a payment, never ever been late on a payment, ever. This is not something I can say about any other affiliate program I’ve ever done, and I’ve been doing this for over 19 years!

There is More to Power Lead System

There is also a ton of training within the system, and tons of different topics related to internet marketing, but also to offline marketing, including 4 live trainings each week (at the time of my posting this).  You see that video below? That is a recording of one of our Wednesday night system overviews. That is a basic-level introduction that happens ever Wednesday and you can use that to invite prospects to, so they can see how PLS might help their business. And the replay stays up all week long, so you always have it there to use.

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One of the main focuses of the system is the “Free Lead System Forever” which is one of the included sales funnels.  The idea behind this is to give you a tool you can use to approach other network marketers, to give them a way to get free leads. It does work and it is free. When someone used the FLSF every other lead/subscriber they generate passes up to their referrer, so if they get a bunch of others offering the same Free Lead System, they can end up with a lot of free leads coming in.

I’ve never really used that funnel myself because I’d rather just keep all my own leads, but I have used similar systems in the past where the first 5 leads were passed up and I did actually receive tens of thousands of free leads doing that.

For now though, I have my sales funnel so honed-in and it converts so well, that it’s more effective for me personally to just send traffic directly to my own custom sales funnel.

Power Lead System at a Glance:

Owned by Neil Guess and Michael Price
Product: Hosting/Marketing Suite w/Affiliate Program
Price: $30/mo for the product, $23.97/mo for optional affiliate account

What Can Power Lead System Do For Your Business?

In the video above you will see a replay of one of our live Power Lead System team hangouts and you'll learn just some of the ways that you can use PLS to easily create an online presence for ANY type of business.

That is just the beginning! Make sure you read all the pages on this site (you can navigate using the menu at the top), and you also want to grab your free copy of my comprehensive Insider Success Report, which IS the guide to creating 6-figures with Power Lead System.

Power Lead System: Work Less and Earn More


Whether you sell coffee, insurance or you are a restauranteur... or maybe you just have a network marketing business that you want to promote, the Power Lead System will make it easier and more effective.

Let's look at some recent notifications:

Power Lead System results screen-shot
PLS notifications screen-shot

... and those are just the AFFILIATES that are joining me—joining my business—because they see the huge potential in what we are doing to help families achieve freedom! You see, those are just the entrepreneurs, the new business start-ups that are joining our team.

That doesn't include those business owners who are solely customers, buying the Power Lead System from me in order to automate and expand their current business, which there are a LOT of!

Why Am I Showing You My Personal Results Like This?

Because I want you to see exactly what the truth is regarding the workability and effectiveness of the Power Lead System.

I use it. I earn with it. It converts like crazy. I have personally been getting consistent results since Day 1 with PLS and this is important to know because your confidence in your own products and services is paramount.

We have long since passed the point where we "wonder" whether what we are doing works. We know that it works.

And as you progress through the remaining pages of the Power Lead System review site, you will be able to come to your own conclusions as to whether PLS is the right direction for you.

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Care to see the proven, custom sales funnel and over $8K worth of private bonuses I give to my PLS teammates?  Just click here to request a copy of my free “Insider’s Success Report” and read all about it!