Let's be blunt. Power Lead System pays 100% commission. Typical network marketing companies pay between 3% and 30%. Right off the bat, there's no comparison.

As you can see in the video above the true income potential is astounding. I've gone through it slowly, in great detail, running out some hypothetical projections so that you can see what the Power Lead System compensation plan could really do to help you get free.

The PLS Comp Plan Chart:

There is a chart you need to see. And that chart goes along with a spreadsheet and a 10-week income program that I have prescribed for you. You'll find that chart and the 10-week income plan in my Free "Insider Success Report: Your Guide to 6 Figures in 90 Days with Power Lead System".

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Just look how my income panned out the first several weeks, after I started running traffic through my custom, automated selling system that I built using Power Lead System (the exact same system I give to all my active teammates):

Does the Power Lead System comp plan produce results?

If you want to know how to actually get results for a change, instead of slaving away for years for teeny, tiny, little MLM commissions like 3% or 6% off your "weaker leg", make sure you read every single work of my in-depth insider report that I wrote just for people like you. See, it's not a question of me "telling you what to think" or "telling you what to do"...

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Only then can you make a good decision. Besides you're the only one who can make the decision about whether Power Lead System is right for your business right?

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